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Step aboard our luxurious sailboat and experience the breathtaking natural beauty of the Columbia Gorge firsthand. Our team at Heart of the Gorge Sailing are passionate about sharing our love of the water with you.

We offer the most comfortable and luxurious sailboat tours, providing an unparalleled opportunity to witness the majestic spectacle of the Gorge.

Our dock is conveniently located at the Port of Cascade Locks Marina and is only 40 minutes east from Portland, OR, and 15 minutes west of Hood River, OR.


With the west summer wind blowing almost every day, our sails are always ready to help you explore the river in the most enjoyable way possible and our Wy'East sailboat is the perfect vessel for a relaxing two-hour sail along the stunning Columbia River Gorge. 


  Once your sailing for the day is done you can visit our neighbors in Cascade Locks and Stevenson, WA for a great hand-crafted beer and excellent food!  

  Bring your hiking boots to experience some of the best hiking anywhere to discover hidden waterfalls and amazing vistas.

 The new Columbia River Gorge hiking and bike trail will be 73 miles long and will go from Troutdale to The Dalles when complete. The trail is already open between Troutdale and Cascade Locks.

Did we mention the Pacific Crest Trail comes out in Cascade Locks at the Bridge of the Gods?  

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